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Without a doubt, the introduction of Automatic Enrolment Workplace Pensions will present a number of new challenges to your business. We believe you will need expert help and support to understand the impact and changes that you will need to make within your business in order to comply with your new employer duties. Automatic Enrolment Solutions Ltd are dedicated to providing Workplace Pension Solutions for employers of ALL sizes throughout the UK.
What Do We Do?
We provide 'full service' Automatic Enrolment Solutions, helping employers tackle their duties from start to finish. Our services are designed to 'take over' the employer duties on your behalf. We will work directly with your Payroll Company and Pension Scheme Provider to manage and administer the entire process for you, leaving you to do what you do best ......... run your business! Automatic Enrolment Solutions have the means and expertise to ensure that employers are fully prepared and equipped to meet the new Workplace Pension requirements in the most cost effective and time-efficient way. We undertake a robust, due diligence process for Pension Scheme selection, comparing pension scheme features, functionality, acceptance criteria, ongoing benchmarking of default investment strategies, and ensuring full compatibility and synchronisation with employer's HR and payroll software systems, therefore ensuring the most appropriate scheme is in place, both for your organisation and your employees.

Our team of Pension Specialists aim to help you:-
  • Understand how the new employer duties will specifically affect your company
  • Identify the impact it will have on your business
  • Undertake the changes you will need to make within your company in order to adhere to these duties
  • Categorise the "Eligible Jobholders" who will need to be automatically enrolled into a Workplace Pension Scheme
  • Evaluate any existing Workplace Pensions to see if it will meet the criteria for a Qualifying Automatic Enrolment Workplace Pension
  • Implement and administer a Qualifying Workplace Pension Scheme for your workforce, using our robust selection process

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Our Workplace Pension Solution provides you with an end to end solution for Automatic Enrolment:-
  • You will have peace of mind knowing your scheme is compliant and that you are meeting your employer duties
  • The cost of the scheme will be kept to a minimum and you can concentrate on running your business
  • We can incorporate salary exchange into our process to save costs for both employers and employees
  • We will produce communications for you to give to your employees
  • We will provide you with scheme reports to demonstrate ongoing governance
Our Automatic Enrolment Services
Many of the employers we have spoken to have told us they will be looking for ways to minimise the amount of time they will spend dealing with a Pension Scheme; they do not wish to become Pension Scheme Administrators! In terms of solutions, we fully understand that 'one size does not fit all' and that whilst some employers may require our full support in implementing, administering and servicing their Workplace Pension Scheme, others may only need our expertise and assistance in specific areas, such as product sourcing, scheme reporting, communicating with The Pensions Regulator and employee engagement and communications. Whatever your needs as an employer, we are confident that we have the most appropriate solution for you. We do not ask our clients to sign up for lengthy service contracts. If, in the unlikely event you no longer wish to utilise our services, you can simply cancel the arrangement with just one month's notice.
Our Service Options
Our team of G60 Qualified Pensions Specialists have designed and developed a range of Automatic Enrolment services that aim to help you meet the new employer duties, with the aim of minimum disruption to your business and at a price we believe is affordable. We provide two base service options for Automatic Enrolment.....
Option 1 - Delegated Access
Our Delegated Access Service involves us taking over the employer role by using Delegated Access to your Workplace Pension Scheme Online Pension Portal. This service allows us to take over some or all of the tasks involved in managing and administering an Automatic Enrolment Scheme on behalf of the employer.
Option 2 - Tailored Service
This service is for employers who may already have in place an existing “Qualifying Workplace Pension” or wish to establish a Workplace Pension arrangement that has bespoke features and options in line with their specific requirements.
Other Services We Can Provide Upon Request......
  • Workplace Pension Presentations
  • Implementation of Salary Exchange Arrangement
  • Pension Consolidation and Transfer Service
  • Specialist Pensions - Directors' SIPP and SSAS Arrangements
Find Out More.....
Find out more about our Automatic Enrolment services by contacting us to request a copy of our 'Automatic Enrolment Services Guide’ .  

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The Financial Conduct Authority does not regulate some forms of Auto Enrolment.