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The Government has introduced new pension laws and duties for all UK employers which are designed to help employees save for their retirement, known as Automatic Enrolment.

Automatic Enrolment Solutions Ltd are a Firm of Workplace Pension Specialists. We implement, manage and administer Workplace Pension Schemes for, and on behalf of, employers irrespective of their type and size of business, throughout the whole of the UK.

We provide a 'full service' Automatic Enrolment Solution, helping employers tackle their duties from start to finish. Our extensive experience in the Corporate Pensions Industry has enabled us to design and develop a range of innovative Workplace Pension Solutions, which have been built around the needs and requests of the many employers who have engaged our services over the past few years.
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We believe we offer an extremely good value for money service, with a one off Implementation and Set-Up Fee of 499 and Ongoing Scheme Servicing Fee from as little as 35 per month for a company with up to 5 employees.
Our mission is to provide an Automatic Enrolment Service that will meet the requirements of small to medium sized employers who are now in the unfamiliar position of having to implement and administer a Workplace Pension Scheme. Both they, and their employees, will be funding pension contributions for the remainder of their working lives, with the purpose of securing an additional source of retirement income, for when they are no longer working. When designing our service propositions we asked employers to tell us how they would ideally wish to facilitate these new employer duties and to express their preference as to how their Workplace Pension Scheme should be managed. Their responses were very clear and can be summarised as follows:-

Many of the employers we have spoken to have told us they will be looking for ways to minimise the amount of time they will spend with a Pension Scheme - they do not want to take on the time-consuming role of being a 'Pension Scheme Administrator'.

Minimise Costs

They will be looking at ways of keeping costs to a minimum, whilst also being mindful that they have a duty of care to their workforce. They understand the need to provide a good quality Workplace Pension Scheme that meets with all the statutory minimum regulatory requirements.
Demonstrate Due Diligence
They want to demonstrate to their Workforce that they have their best interests at heart and wish to prove they have undertaken professional, whole of market advice and due diligence in selecting their Workplace Pension Scheme - as they may be requested to provide evidence of their selection process in due course to their Workforce, or The Pensions Regulator.
Ongoing Supervision and Governance
Automatic Enrolment is not a 'one off task'; it is ongoing. Employers want to have peace of mind that their Pension Scheme's Default Investment Strategy (which will be utilised for the Automatic Enrolment of their Scheme Members) is subject to ongoing governance. They want confidence that it is performing well when benchmarked with the Default Investment Strategies of other Pension Scheme Providers and will provide a 'good outcome' for their employees' pensions.

Outsource to Someone Else!!
Most of all, employers would like to delegate the task of managing and administering Automatic Enrolment and the new employer duties to someone else, so that they can get on with what they do best ....... running their business!! Our Automatic Enrolment Solutions will help employers with their new duties. We provide a fully compliant, professional service, with minimum disruption to their business, and most importantly ...... at an affordable price!
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