Employees’ health can have a significant impact on the success and productivity of a business and healthcare and wellbeing benefits are an increasingly important part of an employee benefit package. PMI (also referred to as Medical or Healthcare Insurance) is designed to pay the costs of private medical treatment for what are commonly known as ‘acute’ conditions. Cover may be provided for: out-patient diagnostic tests, out-patient consultations and specialist treatment.

PMI enables people to receive treatment promptly if they become ill or are injured and, as a private patient, choose who treats them and the hospital used, with the benefit of superior facilities.

For an employer, this can be valuable in terms of getting an employee back to work quickly, especially if they are in a key role.

  • Premiums paid by employers to insure this benefit are tax-deductible and can be offset against their profits for tax purposes
  • Premiums are treated as a ‘benefit-in-kind’ for employees
  • Benefits are paid directly to the employer who passes it on to a claimant as continuance of earnings, which is taxed as PAYE
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