Life can be unpredictable for businesses and people – so how would your organisation cope with the death of an employee.  If a valued colleague died you want to give as much support as possible to their family and dependents – to reassure them about their finances, help meet immediate costs and provide an element of financial security for the future.  If you could provide that assistance cost effectively, so much the better. 

Group Life Insurance cover is a cost effective addition to your Employee Benefit Package, providing a clear advantage in helping you recruit and retain the best staff.  Group Life Insurance cover can show your employees you care about their welfare and offer them a highly valued benefit at a time when many employers may not be able to reward their staff through increases or bonuses.

Group Life Insurance is the most common employer sponsored benefit in the UK.  It provides a tax-free lump sum benefit on an employee’s death whilst in service and provide significant tax advantages to both employers and employees;

  • Premiums paid by employers to insure this benefit are tax-deductible and can be offset against their profits for tax purposes
  • Premiums are not treated as a ‘benefit-in-kind’ for employees
  • Inheritance Tax and Income Tax are normally avoided on lump sum benefits
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