In today’s competitive business environment, it makes sense to look after the wellbeing of your employees – helping your people and business look forward to a more secure future, no matter what happens in life.  If a valued colleague were diagnosed with a serious illness you would want to give them as much support as possible – to help with their treatment, reassure them about their finances and give them the best opportunity to recover and return to work.

Group Critical Illness pays out a tax free lump sum to an employee on the diagnosis of one of a defined list of serious conditions or on undergoing one of a defined list of surgical procedures.  Nothing in life is certain and the diagnosis of a critical illness, such as cancer, a stroke or heart disease, is a reality that many individuals have to face.  

With the right support many people diagnosed with a serious illness are able to make a full recovery and return to work. Group Critical Illness enables you to provide financial support for your employees and their families if they become critically ill.

  • Premiums paid by employers to insure this benefit are tax-deductible and can be offset against their profits for tax purposes
  • Premiums are treated as a ‘benefit-in-kind’ for employees
  • Benefits are paid directly to the member tax free
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